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 Departmental Highlights 

  This is a image  Offer Specialization in Long-Term Care in Speech and Hearing, and Specialization in Early

       Interventions in Speech and Hearing.

  This is a image  Offer Specialization in Speech and Swallowing Rehabilitation for Patients with Head and

       Neck Cancer through the collaboration with the China Medical University.

  This is a image  Provide complete on- and off-campus internships to build professional knowledge,

       understanding, and clinical skills in speech and hearing.

  This is a image  Equipped with international standard speech and hearing laboratories, and  intelligent speech and hearing clinic

      to provide high quality teaching and  clinical practice

  This is a image  Participate in international events in audiology and speech-language pathology actively to

       develop students’ global perspective .

  This is a image  Share resource through establishing the China Asia Associated University.