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 Degree Requirements & Curriculum: Overview 
Updated: 2023/01/10
This is a image  Degree Requirements
The design of our required courses meets the Ministry of Examination’s regulations on the licensure examinations for audiologists and speech-language pathologists as published on November 20th, 2013.
You must satisfy the following requirements in order to earn a Bachelor's degree from our department:
1. Earn a minimum of 128 credit hours, which is comprised of:
    This is a image General Education 
        Download Undergraduate Coursework from the Curriculum section (at the bottom of this
        webpage) to see required credit hours.
    This is a image 4 credit hours in College Fundamentals.
    This is a image 43 credit hours in Departmental Core Courses.
This is a image 45 credit hours in Professional Core Courses.
    These credit hours must be earned through the completion of Speech-Language
    Pathology Program or Audiology Program from our department, depending on your
    choice of major. 
This is a image 4 credit hours from electives.
You may fulfill this requirement by taking courses from one of the two modules (Long-Term Care in Audiology and Speech Pathology, Early Intervention Module in Audiology and Speech Pathology) and other electives offered by our department. We welcome and encourage you to complete one of the two modules as your specialization. The completion of each module is 10 credit hours.
2. Requirements for Clinical Practicum
This is a image For speech-language pathology majors: Your clinical practicum must sustain for a minimum
    of 6 months that covers areas in speech, language, hearing, and swallowing impairments.
This is a image For audiology majors: Your clinical practicum must sustain for a minimum of 6 months that
    covers areas in hearing, speech, and language impairments.
Our clinical practicum are completed on- and off-campus. On-campus clinical experiences are obtained from the Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic. Off-campus clinical trainings are held at medical facilities, schools with special education programs, and organizations that develop speech and hearing assistive technology.
Students who major in speech pathology or audiology that meet both departmental academic and clinical standards before filing for graduation are eligible to take the national licensure examination in audiology and in speech-language pathology.
3. Proficiency Examinations
All AU students are required to pass the Chinese, English, and Information Technology Profiency Examinations to meet graduation requirements.
This is a image Click here to download Degree Requirement. 
This is a image  Curriculum
2022  Undergraduate Coursework (Class of 2026)   Mandarin Chinese  English
2021  Undergraduate Coursework (Class of 2025)   Mandarin Chinese  English
Undergraduate Coursework (Class of 2024)   Mandarin Chinese  English
2019  Undergraduate Coursework (Class of 2023)   Mandarin Chinese  English
2018 Undergraduate Coursework (Class of 2022)
 Mandarin Chinese  English 
2017 Undergraduate Coursework (Class of 2021) Mandarin Chinese  English 
This is a image  Academic Maps
   This is a image Click here to view academic maps,