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2018 Summer Camp-Medical Speech, Language and Hearing

It is the first time for Department of  Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, Asia University  to hold the summer program from July 14th to 27 th in 2018.  There are 12 students from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) and 9 students from Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine participating in this summer program.  For the two weeks, students had classes based on professional courses related to Audiology and Speech Language Pathology. Besides regular classes, they are offered some off-campus visits such as National Museum of Natural Science and 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan. Most of the students from CSULB said that it was their first time to come to Asia. They look forward to learning about the climate and cultures in Taiwan.

Besides 5 part-time student workers, our department arranged a buddy for each foreign student. Buddies had classes with the foreign students and helped them with their routine. They took them to the attractions and night markets to enjoy lots of special local food.

In professional classes, professors gave the lecture and used the instrument simultaneously which benefited the students a lot. With students from three different countries joining this summer program, they can study professional knowledge together. Moreover, it can also be a great chance for us to learn about different cultures. Through different school systems and teaching ways, we saw distinct learning attitudes and lifestyles. For Western students, they are motivated to ask more questions in class, and they are more independent. Most of them paid for this summer program themselves.

With culture differences and the language barrier, they appreciated the help from their buddies. They tasted a lot of authentic local delicacies, learned about different cultures and shared the exciting stories about their study and their life in Taiwan. Exposed to English-speaking environment, students in Taiwan had made a significant progress in   English conversation. Students from CSULB and Shanghai both said that it was a special and unforgettable experience. They love Taiwan so much. They look forward to seeing us in California next year.


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