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Professor Richard J. Salvi gave summer lectures to Class of 2020
Professor Richard J. Salvi gave summer lectures to Class of 2020
Updated July 9, 2017  See activity snapshots
SUNY Distinguished Professor of Communicative Disorders and Sciences, and the Richard J. Salvi, visited DASLP and gave summer lectures to freshmen. The topics were Frequency Selectivity and Temporal Resolution on July 4th, Tinnitus and Hidden Hearing Loss on July 5th, and an introduction to U.S. Audiology Programs on July 6th.
Attendees reflected that the 3-day lectures have helped them witness the breadth and depth of audiology. While feeling somewhat anxious due to language concerns, students were excited about the event and expressed that conversing with Dr. Salvi was a fruitful and unforgettable experience.
“I feel flattered by the Professor’s (Dr. Salvi) arrival since I’ve just set foot in speech and hearing. He is so nice and very knowledgeable. I’ve learned a great deal from him and I definitely enjoyed it.” – M. Ji
“The Teacher (Dr. Salvi) is really encouraging in thought-sharing. I can feel that I’ve gained more confidence in expressing my ideas.” – Y. J. Lin
“Dr. Salvi is a great inspiration to me, both in life and in academics.” – M. S. Shen
“I feel very lucky to be able to learn about the audiology programs in the U.S. from Professor (Salvi) in person.” – M. J. Song
“Audiology covers topics way more than I expected! I see why we need continued education now.” Anonymous
“I need to go back to my books and do a thorough review this summer!” Anonymous
Professor Salvi is the co-founder and director of the University at Buffalo’s Center for Hearing and Deafness, one of the foremost hearing research groups in the United States. He serves on the editorial board of numerous prestigious journals and grant review panels. His areas of expertise are the plasticity of the central auditory system, the effect of sensory hair cell loss on auditory function, noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis and auditory perception.
  DASLP would like to express our sincere appreciation to Dr. Tang-Chuan Wang, Dr. Yi-Hung Wang, and Dr. Chia-Der Lin from the China Medical University Hospital for the assistance in arranging the reception on July  3rd, 2017.


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