2018.12.21 Communication Disorders in Geriatrics and Special Populations
2018.12.05. Class of 2022 won  Honorable Mention in 2018 AU Creative Chorus Competition
2018.10.29-Communication Disorders in Geriatrics and Special Populations
2018 Summer Program-Medical Speech, Language and Hearing
2018.03. ASLP’s pioneer student clinicians are born!
2017.12.06. Class of 2021 won 2nd place in 2017 AU Creative Chorus Competition
2017.11 DASLP visited Maria Social Welfare Foundation in Taichung
2017.10.14-15 Joint Orientation Camp
2017.09 Class of 2020 met Class of 2021!
2017.07.02-08 Class of 2020 met Professor Richard J. Salvi from University at Buffalo - SUNY
2017.06.26 DASLP visited Clinico Headquarters in Taipei-The largest hearing aid company in Taiwan
2017.04.26 DASLP Class of 2020 Post-Midterm Pizza Party!
2017.01.16 BLCU, EdUHK, & DASLP discussed MOU & industry-academic cooperation in speech and hearing
2016.11.25 Chi-fen Chang, Chairman of SLA, gave speech to Class of 2020
2016.11.18 Class of 2020 visited Chinese Medical University Hospital
2016.09.24-25 Joint Orientation Camp
2016.09.05-09 Freshman Orientation
2016.07.15 Professor Richard Salvi, Professor Jian Wang, & Professor Ling-Yu Guo visited DASLP
2016.07.14 Medical & Health Science Summer Program at Asia Univ.
2016.07.06 Medical & Health Science Summer Camp at Asia University